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Functional specifications

The phase of writing the functional specifications is essential for the smooth running of the project. The objective of this document is to formalize the need by detailing point by point the required functionalities.

The specification is the benchmark throughout development. It is therefore important not to leave any gray area around the initial idea. A well detailed specification allows to approach the design phase with a guideline.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications meet the need formulated during the drafting of the functional specifications. It provides a clear and concise response to the issues raised. The document suggests technical solutions that meet the requirements.

This document completes the functional specifications from a technical point of view. It may eventually evolve during the electronic design phase.

Technical feasibility

The technical feasibility study initially consists of carrying out a state of the art of the various technical solutions proposed in the technical specification.

It is important to find the right compromise between existing technological solutions and specific developments. Once identified, it is possible to test and then validate the technological solutions selected for diagram entry.


Diagram entry represents the first phase of computer-aided design (CAD). It allows to develop the architecture of the functions in accordance with the different documents resulting from the study. In a simple way, this task makes it possible to connect all the components constituting the final electronic card.

The electronic diagram will follow the product throughout its existence. It is important that this document is understandable by all the different actors involved in handling the electronic card.

PCB Design

Routing is the second phase of CAD. Also known as PCB Design, this task allows you to manipulate the different copper layers that make up the electronic system. We are talking here about placing and interconnecting all the components on a two-dimensional plane representative of the finished product.

Once the design is complete, the design software generates documents that will be sent to an electronic card manufacturer (EMS) for production.

Manufacturing monitoring

Manufacturing folder

Oaelectronics ® supports you in the production phase of your devices by creating a complete manufacturing file. This file will be sent to the appropriate manufacturer for your project. The documents will make it possible in particular to have traceability throughout the life of the product in the event of a new production order or even a modification.