Who are we ?

Oaelectronics ® is a company specializing in electronic engineering. The objective is to support companies wishing to create new products. She studies, designs and supervises the manufacturing of electronic equipment necessary for your projects.

Progressive goals

Accelerate digitalization

By developing connectable electronic systems Oaelectronics ® promotes digital transformation.

Develop IoT solutions

By offering cloud-oriented applications allowing the connection of electronic systems.

Contribute to Smart World

Connected objects will simplify exchanges between different heterogeneous systems and thus initiate this Smart World.

“ La technologie a pour seule limite notre imagination ”

Simple values


Oaelectronics highlights the imagination of its employees. It allows new ideas to emerge and push the limits of technology.


Oaelectronics ® is above all a company driven by the best of motors. Passion, the only way to success and, by the same token, excellence.


The company aspires to design and develop ever more avant-garde products. By analyzing our behaviors today and anticipating those of tomorrow.